Due to health reasons, I am NO LONGER able to book parties, weddings, or Karaoke. I WILL however be able to answer a few basic questions for you if you shall need any help. Thank you for your understanding and the best of luck to you in your search for quality entertainment.

ABOUT US............

     We know that creating your event will start by listening to you and carefully detailing the day's events so that you don't have to think about anything on that day. You and your guests can enjoy the day, and watch all of your planning unfold before your very eyes!

     A SMOKIN’ SOUND DJ has the music knowledge and experience to know the right songs for any crowd. Our DJ’s each have 10 plus years of experience playing for crowds. Whether it's the classic songs by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to the music of the 50's and 60's to getting Grandma dancing to the current chart hits and all time favorites, your DJ will be able to comfortably "read the room" and get your guests up out of their seats and dancing. We will make it easy for you and your guests to make your event one that will be talked about for years and years to come by creating “moments” that reflect your personality and style. 

SMOKIN’ SOUND Personality

     We have fun, we love our work, and it shows. Having the right kind of personality for this kind of work is essential to success.  After meeting with us, you will see that this work is our life and we enjoy it.  To enhance your event, we put together a neat and professional “DJ table” which can be completely covered to hide all of our wires. The front of our “table” is always available to you for any decorations that you may wish to add. We always dress according to your wishes, whether it’s a tuxedo shirt, shirt and tie, or as simple as jeans or shorts and a company shirt, the choice is yours


         SMOKIN’ SOUND offers the customer the ability to pre-select the music they want and DON’T want to be played at their event. Just ask us for one of our song selection sheets or simply write down the songs you want or more importantly, the ones you don’t want to hear, or even just simply let us know the era or genre of music you would like. Please ask us about our special Wedding questionnaires which fully breaks down your event and asks for the details of your special day.


     SMOKIN’ SOUND always encourages requests from your guests.  We strive to exceed your expectations and provide a delightful and memorable experience.  Prompt arrival and set up assures your entertainment is ready to go as your guests arrive. Announcements are tailored to your specific needs and we only make the announcements you want.

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