Due to health reasons, I am NO LONGER able to book parties, weddings, or Karaoke. I WILL however be able to answer a few basic questions for you if you shall need any help. Thank you for your understanding and the best of luck to you in your search for quality entertainment.

At SMOKIN' SOUND, we use nothing but the best equipment thats available.  We use SHURE cordless microphones, AKG cordless microphones, BEHRINGER limiters and gates, Road Ready cases, Numark CD players, and Yorkville amplified speakers. We also use many other state of the art products that arent listed here. All of our Karaoke discs are factory made (NOT BURNED like some other companies) 

Pictured here is just ONE of the setups SMOKIN' SOUND uses. In addition to the setup seen above (which since has been added to), we also have a full smaller system that we use as back-up and for our smaller events 

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