Due to health reasons, I am NO LONGER able to book parties, weddings, or Karaoke. I WILL however be able to answer a few basic questions for you if you shall need any help. Thank you for your understanding and the best of luck to you in your search for quality entertainment.

The "He Said, She Said's"........

"I would re-book you in a heart beat!!! As I already have had you rock out a ton of parties at the country club for my members (who by the way LOVED the entertainment), my own house parties. EVERYBODY that I have referred you to for their personal parties, have all called back for an ENCORE for their upcoming parties this year, and MOST IMPORTANTLY......the wedding that you will be entertaining this summer for the dearest friend that I have."

"Great music selection, pleasant to all guests, and simply a damn GOOD TIME!!!"

"My only testimonial that I can really give is WHO ELSE would anybody rather have than YOU?!?!?!?"

-Lisa Renee Cudmore (Lancaster NY)

"Tom, you  have always run an awesome show. I'm glad you decided to get back in the business. And I like the idea of working out packages for weddings and such with Breakaway. Anytime you want a recommendation, send them my way! AND YES we'll learn the Ugly Kid Joe!"

-Mike Schill (bass player for BREAKAWAY)

"I've always had a great time singing karaoke with you guys....great music to be around...fair to all participants...even like the banter and music trivia between songs keeping all the non-singers entertained and invested....on time and professional... "

"Hmmmm??? I'm trying to come up with a bad point...

...but I can't."

-Dee Hamilton (Freedom, NY)

"Id reference the hell out of you guys!"

-Erik Hasnik

Gallery page coming soon!!!!!!!!!! 


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