Due to health reasons, I am NO LONGER able to book parties, weddings, or Karaoke. I WILL however be able to answer a few basic questions for you if you shall need any help. Thank you for your understanding and the best of luck to you in your search for quality entertainment.

 "A Blessed Marriage Is The Sweet Music Of Two Souls Singing The Song Of Life In Perfect Harmony"

     Here at SMOKIN' SOUND, we will make your Wedding day even more special then it already will be. With the time and effort that we will put into the planning of your "Special Day", will definitely be seen and appreciated by both you and your guests.

     Chances are when your guests are talking about your Wedding years from now, it won't be the food or the decorations that they'll be talking about. What they will be talking about is, how perfect your first dance was, how the Grandparents were out on the dance floor with their "boogie shoes" on, and how everyone felt like they were included in the Wedding celebration with you. Surveys indicate that the majority of your guests will remember the FUN they had at you reception over anything else. This fun that they'll be talking about is going to come from your DJ and entertainment. This is why SMOKIN' SOUND is the best choice you could make for your celebration.

     At SMOKIN' SOUND, we know that finding a DJ that works WITH YOU. not for you, will be the difference in having just an ordinary Wedding reception, and having the Wedding reception of your dreams. This is why choosing the right DJ is paramount to the success of your celebration.  

     Our love of music, attention to ALL of the details, and our commitment to you will ensure that every last detail is taken care of. Our attention to all the tiny details is why we have come up with some simple, yet extremely important worksheets that we work WITH YOU on that cover every detail of your day. The sheets that we have come up with include an event schedule, a complete wedding itinerary, and a small wedding planner, all of which we work with you on to help complete and make sure every detail is attended to.

     Give us a call today so we can help you with all of your Wedding planning needs. We have close ties to numerous other businesses here in the WNY area. We can help choose the right Photographer, Videograpgher, Catering, Cake Decorator, Banquet facility, and even help you book one of the great local bands here in the Buffalo area.

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